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Before deciding to spend your holidays in Costa Blanca, you should gather more information about Spain and check some facts about Alicante. Our town is an ancient Mediterranean port in the southern part of the Valencia province. Alicante history was turbulent and dynamic. It was home of Iberians and Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans. Later on, it was a witness of Arab conquest and the Spanish Reconquista.

Alicante Tourist Information

Today, Alicante is one of the most vibrant and fast-growing places in Spain. The construction boom is evident in all suburbs of the city. Having population of more than 700,000 in the metropolitan area it is among the ten largest urban centres of Spain. More than 30,000 of its inhabitants are students, either international or local.

Alicante - Castillo Santa Barbara

During the summer months, several hundreds thousands tourists visit the city, while several millions travellers come each year to the area of Costa Blanca. Alicante tourism is one of the main activities in the region. Attracted by its true Spanish flavour, excellent weather all year round and seafront promenades, many of the former visitors decided to stay and live here. Almost 20% of Alicante population are foreigners including many families from the United Kingdom and other countries of Northern Europe.

Situated between kilometres of splendid sandy beaches and rocky mountain landscape, the countryside of Alicante Costa Blanca offers endless sightseeing opportunities. It is a unique combination of modern lifestyle and rich historical heritage with relaxed, warm and friendly atmosphere.

With its theatres, museums, impressive castles and medieval churches, Alicante is the main cultural centre of Costa Blanca. Wide boulevards with palm trees, old town squares and colourful shopping streets confirm its name – Roman Lucentum – the City of Light!

Alicante Beach

While developing its modern facilities, like the new harbour-complex, shopping malls and hotels, Alicante was preserving its Spanish character. You are welcomed to experience this traditional atmosphere during the whole year. Participate our famous festivals and parades, such as Carnival in February or Saint John’s Bonfires in June!

Attractions in Alicante

Let’s visit now, one by one, the most notable historic and cultural Alicante attractions and landmarks:

Alicante Castles
– Santa Barbara –
 – San Fernando –

Info about Alicante castles – fabulous symbols of turbulent Alicante history, offering breath taking views over the surrounding countryside.

Alicante Museums
– MARQ –
 – Lucentum –
– MUBAG – – Fogueres –
– Nativity – – Bullfighting –

Discover Alicante archaeological treasures, collections of traditional costumes and fine paintings.

Alicante Theatres

Enjoy ballet, opera and other theatre performances. Why traveling to cold Moscow if you could watch original Russian ballet in Alicante Theatre?

Alicante Churches

Fascinating Renaissance style and eye-catching stone ornaments.

Alicante City Hall

A unique baroque building with beautiful twin towers.

Alicante Parks
– Canalejas Park –
 – Explanada de España –
– Ereta Park – – El Palmeral –

Visit our excellent parks and relax under palm trees, away from the hot beaches in the midday.

Alicante Old Town
Have a walk through the old city center of Alicante – known as El Barrio – and enjoy dinner in one of local seafood restaurants.

Alicante Vacation
Tourists flock to the city of Alicante in the hundreds of thousands every year; and there’s good reason why, there is practically everything you want when you’re vacationing in this lovely place.

Attractions in Alicante
There are many sites to see and many things to do in Alicante. Read more about Alicante attractions that are so diverse in this magnificent city.

Alicante Bowling Sport
For those not too familiar with bowls, it’s a game where you have a somewhat asymmetric ball (bowls) which you try to roll as close as possible to a smaller white ball called a “jack”. This game can be played outdoors or indoors on grass or on synthetic surface.

Alicante Culture
The Alicante area is one that if full of rich history and culture. The Alicante culture seems from the Arabian occupation of the western peninsula.

Alicante Tourist Information
Centrally located in the region of Valencia in Spain, the city of Alicante offers tourists and business travelers the experience of a lifetime.

Jobs in Alicante
Like in any other part of Europe, finding a job in Spain is not that easy. With its picturesque scenery, warm climate, vibrant economy and wonderful community, Alicante Spain is a great place to work.

University of Alicante
Located in San Vicente del Raspeig, in the northern part of Alicante city, the Alicante University is right within the busy district of the city.

Alicante Geography, Hills and Beaches
Placed on the Mediterranean coast, Alicante is a city of tourism and services. Alicante geography features numerous beaches and hills, offering great opportunities for hiking and climbing.

Economy of Alicante Spain
Currently, the city of Alicante is ranked fifth in importance in Spain, only surpassed by cities like Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Seville.

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