Alcoy (Alcoi)

Spending your Spain Uncovered, you can enjoy diversity of landscapes. Apart from long sandy beaches, traveling to the north you enter mountains with Mediterranean forest. Surprisingly, Alicante region is one of the most mountainous regions in Spain.

One of possible destination for your excursion is Alcoy. Hidden between the hills (la Serra de Mariola and el Carrascal de la Font Roja), it rests along several rivers: Riquer, Benisaidó, Molinar and Serpis. For that reason, it is very often called The city of bridges.

alcoyAlcoy is situated about 45 km north from Alicante and can be reached following the highway A-7 and the road N-340. There is also a railroad connection towards Játiva and Valencia. Thanks to its industry (cotton, paper, food and metal), the town developed into an important commercial and cultural center with about 60000 inhabitants. Modern city was shaped during the first period of the industrial revolution in Spain. It is home of the first Spanish industrial school. There are numerous buildings from the XIX century on the town square and in the central streets, with beautiful facades and classical ornaments.

Once in Alcoy Alicante, you should first take a walk, enjoy the town and fresh air and a nice view over the landscape from its bridges. Later on, you can visit the Archaeological Museum, featuring town’s ancient history, Iberian origins and Greco-Roman influences. There are also several archaeological sites, such as La Serreta and El Puig, dating from the 5th century B.C. Traveling through the history, you can visit important remains of medieval town: Barchell castle from 12th century, Na Valora tower from the 13th century and hermitage of San Antonio Abad (14th – 18th century). Other buildings of interest are Casa Consistorial (the city hall), Casa de la Cultura (library and city archive), Lonja de San Jorge (exhibition center), the church of Santa Maria, the church of San Augustin and Círculo Industrial (meeting place of 19th century bourgeoisie).

alcoyIf you visit Alicante province during spring, you should definitely visit Alcoy and participate its most important touristic celebration, fiesta of the Moros y Cristianos. It is organized from 21st to 24th of April around St George’s Day (San Jorge) and the whole city gets involved. This is the most important cultural event in the city and one of the most impressive celebrations in Spain, declared of international touristic interest. It was documented for the first time in 1672. Its origin is a mythic version of the battle between people of Alcoy and the Muslim ruler Al-azraq in 1276. Elche

The first day of the festival is dedicated to musicians, playing traditional music on the street and gathering on the city square in the evening to play the hymn. The next day, 22nd of April, is the most spectacular. You can participate colorful processions of the medieval armies: the entrance of Christians in the morning (11:00) and the entrance of Moors in the evening (17:00). The third day is dedicated to San Jorge (St George). The famous battle of el Alardo is recreated during the last day 24th of April with armies marching down the streets with shotguns, making a lot of noise. At the end, the peace treaty is signed by the ambassadors of the two armies but the party continues during the whole night. If you travel to Alcoy during other months, you can visit the Festival Museum and see examples of costumes and festival photos from former years.

Map of Alcoy (Alcoi)
Helps you find your way during the fascinating Moros y Cristianos Festival.

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