Well Spent Benidorm Holidays

Benidorm is a coastal town in the northern part of Alicante Province in the Valencia Community almost 50 kilometres north of Alicante (city).

Benidorm levante
It is known for is 4 kilometre of fantastic beaches; the top beach being Playa Levante and running second is Playa Poniente. So a holiday in Benidorm must include going to these beaches which are well maintained and very clean as well as being safe.

The Best of Costa Blanca

Along with the great beaches, Benidorm is known for its vibrant nightlife. There are about 1,000 establishments catering to food and drinks. There are cabaret shows, live bands, drag shows, and more. These are the two things Benidorm is known for, the unbelievable beaches and exciting nightlife. You can experience all of this when you take your holidays in Benidorm.
Beaches and an active nightlife (into the early morning) are two of the main reasons why people take holidays to Benidorm. The other main reason is the way the tourism industry in Benidorm was approached. It engaged in packaged holidays which means that budget is the main consideration. It did not market itself as an elite resort. Due to this people came in droves to Benidorm; Spanish holidays turned a new leaf with the place attracting so many holiday goers.
If you look at what is being offered for holidays in Benidorm, who will often find the word “cheap” and “bargain” in the sales pitch. This is actually a good strategy because there are really very few people who are well off. The overwhelming vast majority are middle class or even lower and who doesn’t want to go on a vacation? Everyone does and Benidorm is just there to welcome you.

You can experience this when you are in town during your Benidorm holidays. Bars offer happy hour and things like two for one beer. These are true even on the beach, with bars offering the same thing. There are so many establishments offering food and drinks to tourists that there is a fair amount of competition to get you to patronize them. So your money can be well spent too when you are in Benidorm.

Benidorm English Square

This situation applies also to hotels and apartments and you can find one that will fit your budget and of course, seasonality is always taken into consideration. The tourist boom has produced so many tall buildings that this place is often called “Beniyork”, in reference to New York’s tall buildings. In terms of paying, there is also a fair amount of deposit asked in a number of apartments due to previous experiences of apartment owners with students taking vacations who are really on a tight budget. The nightlife in this place attracts a good number of the younger population.

The place is full in summer and in winter months a lot of Europeans come to escape the cold; most of them belonging to the older age bracket. So both young and old come to this place and even those better-heeled as evidenced by the presence of 4-star hotels. Vacationing families are welcomed as well and there are theme parks that cater to families like Terra Natura and Terra Mítica.


Benidorm is considered one of Europe’s biggest resorts, millions of people visit every year showing vacations here are well spent. Now so should you.

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