Holidays in Benidorm Spain

Benidorm is one of the most visited tourist destinations on the Spanish coast. During the last 40 years, it has grown from a small village into a modern vibrant city, often called Manhattan of the Mediterranean.

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A large number of tourists spend their holidays in Benidorm year after year. The city will impress you by its numerous skyscrapers, fascinating long beaches, excellent weather, and entertainment facilities.

benidorm holidays 02Benidorm is situated on Costa Blanca, between Alicante and Valencia, about 60 km northwest of Alicante airport. While its population is officially just about 70,000, during the high season of July and August numerous Benidorm apartments accommodate more than 500,000 tourists.

People are mainly attracted by its special micro-climate and top-quality Benidorm vacation resorts. The city is surrounded by more than 1500 meters high mountains, which protect it from the colder continental weather. The whole coastal area enjoys sunny days all year round with a mild average temperature of 15 degrees Celsius in winter and 26 degrees in summer.

The Old Town of Benidorm is placed in the middle of the modern metropolis, on the elevated rocky terrain. It is surrounded on both sides by recently built suburbs facing two long sand Benidorm beaches: Poniente and Levante.


benidorm holidays 03The city offers everything you need to have an amazing and unforgettable holiday. There are various accommodation resorts (from Benidorm luxury hotels to more affordable Benidorm hostels), a lot of sun and water sports opportunities on wonderful Benidorm beaches, hundreds of Benidorm restaurants, pubs, bars discos, and night-clubs, excellent dancing and cabaret shows, as well as four large Benidorm theme parks.


Hotels in Benidorm
A detailed list of hotels in Benidorm and the surrounding area (Villajoyosa, Altea, …) with direct links to booking, online reviews, and photo galleries.

Large Map of Benidorm
Use this large Benidorm Spain map to easily orient yourself in this touristic metropolis of the Mediterranean.

Weather in Benidorm
Like in most of the places along Costa Blanca, Benidorm Spain weather is hot and sunny

Restaurants in Benidorm
Benidorm, the touristic capital of the Alicante province, offers you a variety of diverse restaurants, ranging from Spanish or Italian, to Thai or Mexican.

Gay Benidorm Guide
Have the best Benidorm gay holiday – use this gay Benidorm guide when preparing your summer vacation – welcome to sunny and hot Mediterranean!

Benidorm Spain
Visiting Costa Blanca for holidays in Benidorm – If you and your family are seeking the sun for your holiday, then Benidorm Spain is the perfect destination.

Fun in Benidorm Spain
When an individual or a family decides to travel to Benidorm for holiday, finding out where to have fun is definitely not a challenge.

Cheap Package Holidays to Benidorm
In Benidorm, bargain holidays are possible due to the present global economic conditions. One of the first things that people do is cut non-essential costs like taking holidays including going to Benidorm.

Well Spent Benidorm Holidays
Beaches and an active nightlife (into the early morning) are two of the main reasons why people take holidays to Benidorm. The other main reason is the way the tourism industry in Benidorm was approached. Read our review about holidays in Benidorm.

The Unreal Benidorm Nightlife
This location is known for its nightlife and what more nightlife in Benidorm is not very expensive like other places you might go to. You can have all the fun and at reasonable prices.

A Variety of Attractions in Benidorm
There may be only a few places in the world that can offer the variety of attractions that Benidorm has. Visit its theme parks and have unforgettable summer holidays in Benidorm.

Guide to Benidorm Spain
Benidorm is one of Spain’s premier resort towns and boasts a special microclimate, created by the surrounding mountains, that rarely sees temperatures fall below 15 degrees Celsius, even in the winter months.

Benidorm Beaches
Stretching from the spirited shores of the Levante Beach in the east to the more tranquil sands of the Poniente Beach in the west, Benidorm beaches offer high-quality facilities and a range of activities for visitors of all ages and nationalities.

Benidorm Hotels Spain
Hotels in Benidorm, Spain, receive thousands of guests a year. They offer multi-lingual staff skilled in the tourism trade, competitive rates, and all modern conveniences.

Car Rental Benidorm
Benidorm car hire will give you the opportunity to explore the province further, discovering more beaches, coves, and small fishing villages at your leisure.

A Look at Benidorm Tourism
Benidorm tourism is for everyone. It has among the best beaches in Europe particularly Levante Beach to the north-east side of the city. Furthermore, Benidorm is internationally known for its nightlife and tourists will not be disappointed. There are famous nightspots like the Benidorm Palace and its fabulous cabaret shows.

Looking for Benidorm Real Estate?
Working with a lawyer and a Benidorm real estate agent, you can locate and purchase a Benidorm property for sale. But why would you want to own a Benidorm property?

Some Tips about Accommodation in Benidorm Spain
Accommodation in Benidorm isn’t hard to find! Tourists flock to this resort town on the western Mediterranean coast of Spain each year, and dozens of agencies and websites exist to help you.

Find cheap flights to Benidorm
With thousands of tourists booking Benidorm flights each year, the party capital of the Costa Blanca continues to grow in popularity.

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