Helpful Spanish Phrases

Spanish Drinking Words & Phrases

Check out some helpful Spanish drinking phrases

Check out our list of Spanish drinking phrases that will help you when out in Spain

Agua – Water
Agua del grifo – Tap water
Agua mineral – Mineral water
Batido – Milk shake
Café – Black coffee
Café con leche – Milk coffee
Cerveza – Beer
Cerveza rubia – Lager
Champán – Champagne
Chocolat – Chocolate
Cóctel – Cocktail
Coñac – Brandy
Ginebra – Gin
Jerez – Sherry
Leche – Milk
Limonada – Lemonade
Ron – Rum
Sidra – Cider
Té – Tea
Vermut – Vermouth
Vino – Wine
Vino blanco – White wine
Vino rosado – Rosé
Vino tinto – Red wine
Whisky – Whisky
Zumo – Juice

Other useful Spanish drinking expressions you may need in Spanish bars and restaurants:

Me puede recomendar un buen restaurante por aquí? – Can you recommend a good restaurant near here?
Me puede recomendar un buen bar por aquí? – Can you recommend a good bar near here?
Quisiera una pinta de cerveza, por favor. – I would like a pint of beer, please.
Quisiera un café, por favor. – I would like a cup of coffee, please.
Quisiera un té, por favor. – I would like a cup of tea, please.
Qué vas a tomar? – What are you having?
Invito yo. – Let me invite you. / It is my round.
Pago yo. – I will pay.
Salud. – Cheers.
Te pongo hielo? – Would you like ice?
Te pongo limón? – Would you like lemon with that?
Falta algo? – Anything else?
La cuenta por favor. – Could I have the bill, please?
Cada uno paga lo suyo. – Everyone pays what they had.
Cuánto le debo? – How much is it?

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