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Spanish Sentences – Going to the Dentist

A selection of useful English to Spanish phrases that you will need when going to the dentist during your holidays in Spain.

Necesito un dentista. – I need a dentist.
Me podría recomendar un buen dentista? – Could you recommend me a good dentist?
Me podría dar cita para el dentista? – Could you make me an appointment with the dentist?
Me podría atender hoy mismo? – Could I have an appointment today?
Es urgente! – It is urgent!
Tengo dolor de muelas. – I have toothache.
Se me ha roto un diente. – I have a broken tooth.
Se me ha caído un empaste. – I have lost a filling.
Se me ha roto la funda. – I have broken a crown.
Me duele. – It hurts me.
Tengo caries? – Do I have cavities?
Puede arreglarme la dentadura? – Can you repair my dentures?
Puede arreglármela? – Could you repair it?
Puede darme algo para el dolor? – Can you give me something for the pain?
Me podría dar un analgésico? – Can you give me a painkiller?
Soy alérgico a los analgesicos. – I am allergic to analgesics.
Necesito algún tipo de medicina? – Do I need some kind of medication?
Quisiera que me ponga anestesia local. – I would like a local anesthetic.
Me podría hacer un arreglo provisional? – Could you do me a temporary repair?
No quiero que me extraiga esta muela. – I do not want this tooth removed.
Necesito cirugía? – Do I need surgery?
Tengo que pagar? – Do I have to pay?
Cuánto me va a costar? – How much does it cost?
Eso está cubierto por mi seguro? – Is that covered by my insurance?
Necesito un recibo para el seguro. – I need a receipt for my insurance.

What the dentist may say – Spanish sentences you may hear in a dental office:

Siéntese, por favor. – Sit down, please.
Qué molestias tiene? – What seems to be a problem?
Tiene dolor? Mucho dolor? Donde? – Do you have pain? / A lot of pain? / Where?
Abra la boca. – Open your mouth.
No cierre. – Don’t close.
No se mueva. – Don’t move.
No mueva la lengua. – Don’t move your tongue.
Voltee su cabeza a la derecha (a la izquierda). – Turn your head to the right (to the left).
Qué diente le duele? – Which tooth hurts?
Indique el diente que le duele. – Point to the tooth that hurts.
Necesito examinar sus dientes. – I need to examine your teeth.
Siente dolor al tomar comidas calientes (frías)? – Do you feel pain when you eat hot (cold) foods?
Le molesta el agua fría? – Does the cold water hurt you?
Le duele cuando muerde? – Does it hurt when you bite?
Usted tiene un diente dañado. – You have a decaying tooth.
Tengo que empastarle. – I have to fill it.
Es necesario reemplazar su empaste. – Your filling needs to be replaced.
Tengo que extraerle el diente. – I have to pull this tooth out.
Hay que sacarla. – It has to come out.
Usted tiene una infeccion. – You have an infection.
Tengo que usar el torno. – I have to use the drill.
Enjuáguese la boca con agua. – Take some water and rinse your mouth.
Escupa, por favor. – Spit, please.
Voy a ponerle una inyección. – I’m going to give you an injection.
Voy a darle anestesia. – I am going to give you anesthesia.
Vamos a tomar unas radiografías. – We are going to take some X-Rays.
Cierre la boca. – Close your mouth.
Muerda esta gasa por unos segundos. – Bite on this gauze for several seconds.
Le sigue doliendo? – Does it still hurt?
Puede comer despues de unas horas – You may eat after several hours.
Come con el otro lado. – Eat on the other side.

Translation of Spanish words to English, which you could need when visiting a dentist:

Anestesia – Anesthetic
Roto – Broken
Dentista – Dentist
Dentadura – Dentures
Diente – Tooth
Dientes – Teeth
Dolor de muelas – Toothache
Empaste. Relleno – Filling
Funda – Crown
Lengua – Tongue
Mandibula – Jaw
Muela de juicio – Wisdom tooth
Nervio – Nerve
Un arreglo provisional = A temporary repair
Saliva – Saliva
Sangre – Blood
Torno – Drill

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