Helpful Spanish Phrases

Roads in Spain – On the Street in Spain

A list of Spanish words and expressions you need on the streets and roads of Spain. Asking about directions, orienting yourself.

Siga todo recto – Continue straight ahead
Gire a la derecha – Turn right
Gire a la izquierda – Turn left
Tome aquella calle – Take that street
Tome la primera calle – Take the first street
Tome la segunda calle – Take the second street
Camine hasta el semáforo – Walk to the traffic lights
Cruce el túnel – Go through the tunnel
Doble a la esquina – Turn at the corner
Es a la derecha – It is on your right
Es a la izquierda – It is on your left
No sé. No soy de aquí. – I do not know. I am not from here.
Por aquí no es – It is not that way
Vuelva a preguntar allí. – When you get there, ask again.
Cuántos kilómetros faltan para Benidorm? – How many kilometers is to Benidorm?
I am lost. – Me he perdido.
Se va por aquí a Torrevieja? – Is this the way to Torrevieja?
Podría señalarlo en el mapa? – Could you point that on the map?
a la derecha – to the right
a la izquierda – to the left
todo recto – straigth ahead
el túnel – the tunnel
el semáforo – the traffic light
la calle – the street
la avenida – the avenue
el río – the river
el puente – the bridge
el cruce – the crossing
el paso a nivel – the level crossing
el viaducto – the fly-over
cruzar – to cross
seguir – to follow

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Hi, I'm Pablo, an internet marketer who enjoys travelling around the Costa Blanca, Spain. I have been fortunate enough to have met some amazing people on my travels and have been embracing the Spanish way of life since 2018.

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