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Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

From being next to Barcelona to experience heavy industrialization, Bilbao has been one of the centers of the industrialized regions in Spain during the early twentieth century.

Today, this municipality is considered as one of the most dynamic service-oriented cities that, as of the moment, is undergoing an immense socio-economic restructuring process. This development was initiated by the creation of the emblematic Bilbao Guggenheim Museum and followed by investments in infrastructure in the city like the reconstruction of the airport terminal, high-speed transit systems as well as the tram line, which is also known as the EuskoTran.

Furthermore, development projects like the Alhondiga, which is referred to as the “Centre of Culture and Leisure” and Zorrozaurre renewal, were also being pushed through recently. The former refers to a multi-complex venue consisting of a cinema multiplex, fitness centers, a library, showrooms, shopping centers, restaurants, and even an auditorium. This is being redeveloped in order to attract more tourists and visitors. The latter refers to the degraded space located at the right bank of the Estuary. This is a peninsula in the district of Deusto in Bilbao. It has been ruined because of the decades of massive hazardous industrial activities since the 1980s.

Bilbao shopping centers

Aside from these interesting economic and historic facts about Bilbao that entice the attention of the visitors, there are also plenty of places you can visit, the food you can eat, activities you can do, and products you can buy at your travel to Bilbao.
Some of the must-see sites in the place are the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Basque Museum, St. James (Santiago) Cathedral, the flower Puppy, the Arriaga Theatre, the Plaza Nueva, the Ayuntamiento or City Hall, and many more.

guggenheim bilbao

The famous Guggenheim Museum is a modernist twisting art museum made from titanium-clad. It is actually the most celebrated building since the 1990s. This museum serves as the inspiration of its people to look forward to a very positive future for their city, in terms of social, economic, and cultural prosperity.

The Basque Museum, on the other hand, was established in 1921 to represent the history and ethnography of the mainland Basque. Another site you shall not miss on your travel to Bilbao is the Cathedral of St. James, who is the official saint and patron in the place. The structure was built in 1949 drawing inspiration from the 14th-century gothic style. Even though constructed in 1949, the neo-gothic tower of the cathedral was designed already in the 1800s.

Bilbao Spain Catedral

Furthermore, the flower puppy is another must-see attraction in Bilbao, which is just at the front of the Guggenheim Museum area. This masterpiece was created by none other than the famous Jeff Koons. Since it has been displayed in the public, it served as among the most famous symbols and signatures of the modern Bilbao. Hence, do not ever forget to take pictures in this place with the flower puppy in your background.

Meanwhile, if I have already convinced you to travel to Bilbao sooner or later, then several information on how to get there is necessary. Well, you have several options. You can travel via plane since there are regular flights to Bilbao from major cities in Europe, or travel boat and cruise. You can also reach Bilbao from Madrid and Barcelona through several high-speed trains.

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