Villajoyosa – Costa Blanca

Its region is well protected from cold winds and rain of the interior by massive mountains such as Sierra Aitana. The climate on the coast is exceptional with high average temperatures and a lot of sunny days during the whole year. Winters are mild and summers are hot – you are welcomed by a lot of sun almost without rainfall.

vila joiosa alicante

The Old Town will surprise you with its beautiful and joyful facades, strong city walls, and bridges from Roman times. All the buildings are painted in vibrant pastel colors. A lot of them are situated in front of the central beach or on the side of the river Amadorio bank. Take a walk and get lost within a labyrinth of narrow medieval streets. Discover its beautiful town hall and relax on a charming central square in front of the Gothic Catholic church. Enjoy the beauty of this fabulous town while drinking a cup of locally produced chocolate.

This colorful town has a very interesting name – Jeweled Village. Today, locals often abbreviate it to La Vila. In Roman times, it was known as Alone (Alonis). It was elevated to the status of a municipality under the reign of Vespasian in 74 A.D. During the Muslim period, this location was most probably abandoned until the year 1300. After the Reconquista, the Kingdom of Valencia settled people from Catalonia and Aragon, bringing new language, a new religion, and culture into a predominantly Muslim region. In the XV century, the town was important enough to get the title of a royal villa. Because of difficult in-land connections, its inhabitants were always oriented towards the sea, either as fishermen, merchants, or sailors. During the following centuries, it was a strategic point protecting the coast from pirate attacks. Today we can still walk around its massive walls and impressive church-fort. There are several old towers worth visiting: Aguilo coastal watchtower, Dalt tower used to send emergency signals to the interior, Torreta tower dominating the surrounding landscape, San Jose tower at the Roman cemetery, etc.

villajoyosa spain aThe old streets of Villajoyosa Spain form a perfect scenery for many festivals celebrated during spring and summer. In April, you can travel in time visiting the traditional Medieval market. It is followed by sacral events dedicated to Santa Marta, San Pancracio, San Isidro Labrador and San Juan. Do not miss the colorful spectacle of Moros and Cristianos, taking place at the end of July, revoking the fights between the villagers and Berber pirates. The town welcomes thousands of visitors, coming to see processions with traditional costumes, fireworks, dance, and music.

valor truckFinally, all lovers of sweets would be delighted to participate chocolatissima – organized guided visits of the historic center with degustation of locally produced chocolate. The famous Valor is one of the most important makers of chocolate in the country, having a lot of shops and restaurants in many Spanish cities. The Museum of Chocolate (situated in the north of the town, close to the factory) invites you to taste numerous samples from this “Chocolate Heaven”.

Following the medieval wall, you go down to the coast. Like many other towns along Costa Blanca, Villajoyosa offers long sandy beaches with palm trees and a lot of sun. The best known is La Platja Centre (the Central Beach), which stretches in front of the Old Town and ends in a fishing port. Along the beach, there are many bars and restaurants with both international and local dishes. Taking a daily menu, you can have a good lunch for the price between 10 and 20 euros. Try traditional paella (rice dish), tasty salted fish, and delicious desserts: turrón and chocolate.

Villajoyosa beach 1Other beaches of interest are El Bol Nou sand beach, La Caleta with coves, quiet atmosphere, and clear waters, Playa Paraiso, Playa del Torres with a Roman tower, Playa Estudiantes, Playa del Tio Roig y El Charco with a watchtower. Enjoy numerous water sports opportunities during your holidays in Villajoyosa, such as sailing, scuba diving, and windsurfing.

Restaurants in Villajoyosa
Try different types of rice dishes, stews, fried fish in all its varieties, salted fish, seafood, shrimps and squid, and traditional paella.

Map of Villajoyosa
Helps you find your way through the labyrinth of the narrow streets in this colorful town of fish and chocolate.

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